Non-resident individuals under the age of 18 must have a legal guardian while studying in Canada.

A guardian represents the parents in legal & emergency situations.

This is a requirement of Canada’s study permit application process.

We can Help

Supply Emergency telephone number to:

  • Natural parents & Agents/Consultants.
  • Student.
  • School Representative.
  • Homestay families or housemasters.

Will represent parents in legal & emergency situations

  • Will act in legal & medical emergencies with consultation with parents, if possible.

Admission & Registration Assistance

  • Ensure student has Health Insurance Coverage.
  • Assist in purchase of uniform & laptop (if required).
  • Assist in opening a Canadian bank account.

Communicate with Student/School/Parents

  • Monitor the well being of the student.
  • Consult with School re student’s academic standing.
  • Report academic progress to parents.
  • Forward report cards to parents.
  • Participate in Parent/Teacher interviews.
  • Complete & sign permission slips for School field trips.
  • Monitor student’s bank account.
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