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Who we are?

Homestay Plus, established since 2003 is unique amongst Homestay Agencies, as it was created by people who have themselves experienced being an international student living in a homestay and then experiencing the other side, that of being a homestay for international students.

This unique background gives us the complete understanding of what is needed to provide students a home away from home and to be able to select families that can fulfill this criteria.

While concentrating our efforts to the Greater Toronto Area, we have, none the less, managed to broaden our horizons to include all of southern Ontario.

About Us

Homestay Plus provides services for international students seeking Homestay, Guardianship, School referral and Airport Transfer. We are located in Toronto, serving Ontario, Canada.

Our Commitment

This may be the first time you are traveling away from your home. It is our commitment to provide you a safe, secure and caring home away from home.

Customized Services

Customizing a package of services according to your particular needs will help you to adjust to your exciting and memorable stay in Canada.
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